ASK ME ANYTHING while we watch a PRO DETAILER use my Heavy Duty Degreaser!😁👏❌

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Check out @Detail It for all kinds of great detailing product reviews!
Here's my website where I sell all my detailing soaps and accessories, even full wash bay systems! 👉👉👉

John Bowen
John Bowen Aylar önce
I watch alot of this gentleman's videos he revies alot of your products and does a great job at it he is one of the reasons as a professional auto detailer that pushed me to using your products
Tracy Crispino
Tracy Crispino 2 aylar önce
I'm a subscriber to your channel and would like your recommendations for a 42' motorhome. Something I can spray on and rinse off with a pressure washer. Is your 2 step system what is should go with or do have other recommendations? Please advise and wishing you continued success!
Detail It
Detail It 2 aylar önce
💯% GREAT on an RV. That's what I use on a Racecar double decker trailer. Small sections at a time... cuts wash time and Real effective. I'll be posting Star & Stripes on that trailer or an RV in the next month or so! Stay tune. 👍
Samuel Evans
Samuel Evans Aylar önce
btw to clean headliners, i recommend using a steam cleaner.
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips Aylar önce
Do you have videos on the dilutions in foam canon etc? Just purchased some of your stuff.
Muchacho Grande
Muchacho Grande 2 aylar önce
Gen-X is the name for the fanbase. Easy cool straight forward answer. Also Bob, I really really dig your vibe and you just seem to be a maverick sorta figuring it out as you go, which is unfortunately a trait I find increasingly rare in people these days. You seem to take the approach of it's okay to not know what I'm doing yet, because I'm not an idiot and I'll figure it out soon enough. Last but not least, I would absolutely love to see you guys specify a panel impact ratio as you branch out into the general detailing scene. It's not entirely prevalent in the US yet but it's really a better way to look at things and once you figure out the details for your cannon it's honestly really simple. Bilt Hamber is a notable UK company that uses this approach in their products and it's just so much better and takes the guess work and multiple mathematical equations out of the way. Basically instead of saying okay well dilute at a 100:1 ratio for vehicle washes, It's saying okay you want the solution impacting the panel to be at a 1% panel impact ratio or 1% of the solution hitting your panel is soap and 99% is water. Once you've worked out the settings for your pressure washer and cannon you just multiply the amount of water in the container by the called for PIR, let's say say 5%, so amount of water in container * 0.05 = amount of solution called for. This ensures that regardless of the setup somebody is using, they're going to get the right amount of product and the best method ( if they're willing to take 10 or so minutes to measure a couple things). Again I know it's a bit complicated sounding but it's genuinely the best method and elimates one potential spot where somebody could stumble or make a mistake, and with your background in pressure washers you know unequivocally less points of failure are better. People that don't want to go through the process of measuring their cannon output and flow can simply continue using a dilution instead of the PIR.
Logan Ondo
Logan Ondo 2 aylar önce
Your IK sprayer lamp in the background is super cool!
Brendan Dunleavy
Brendan Dunleavy 2 aylar önce
Can you mix Stars and Stripes into just one bottle??? Please explain
Birdiebrandon 2 aylar önce
He has a video on this
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 2 gün önce
Good stuff man I'm have to get this
Detail It
Detail It 2 aylar önce
Bob, Love Chem-X. I was pleasantly surprised Sunday morning drinking my coffee and BAM! Here you are.. Love it! On the name for your Chem-X followers.... I laughed out loud at "X's"... LOL... I thought "Chem-FREAKS" would be cool but I'm kind of a dork too.. LOL.. worth noting I had my Foam cannon dilution very wrong on this video. I thought I had it 100:1 in reality it was 100:1 in the cannon but THEN the cannon also dilutes it 10:1... it was 1000:1 then Right? Crazy IMPRESSIVE stuff is HEAVY DUTY...I Love It!! Love your company; Love your channel Bob! Keep 'em coming brother! Chem-X 🇺🇸💯
Haris Young
Haris Young Aylar önce
@Detail It What pressure washer you've been using in that video ?
Detail It
Detail It 2 aylar önce
Wish I had been involved in this. I was doing an interior Smoke Odor elimination yesterday. Rarely looked at my Phone or notifications. DANG! Man I missed the boat. @bellavoroautospa has been killin reviews on Chem-X too.
Kirk Titgen
Kirk Titgen 2 aylar önce
I am always trying to get the you tube truckers i watch to come see you for a freaking incredible wash job and some you tube publicity ...most of them dont come that way to often exept the Boston trucker and he already uses your stuff 🤣☝️😆👊...guys like JBG TRAVELS ....THE TOURETTES TRUCKER ...NOMAD TRUCKER ....TRUCKIN CALI WITH VELOX18 ...Dan the super trucker and others
Midcoast Tractor Service
Midcoast Tractor Service 2 aylar önce
I want to start a Tractor cleaning service in Illinois using your Stars and Stripes. You know cleaning Combines,tractors ect.
Yann St-Pierre
Yann St-Pierre 2 aylar önce
You need to ship to canada like yesterday,,, i need that stuff
Detail It
Detail It 2 aylar önce
Yann, YES you do! Great stuff! Love it!
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson 2 aylar önce
The clean team.
NXTGEN GFX 2 aylar önce
Chem crew!
Vishal Gaaru
Vishal Gaaru 2 aylar önce
I'm firm india 🇮🇳 in valliage gumthala gahru thanks for video
Stephen Fuentes
Stephen Fuentes 27 gün önce
ρгό𝔪σŞm 🤭
Joe from Lapel
Joe from Lapel 2 aylar önce
Hi from Indy
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