ASK ME ANYTHING while we watch a PRO DETAILER review my Liquid-X Polymer Mitt Wash!😁👏❌

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2 aylar önce

Check out @Bel Lavoro Auto Spa for all kinds of great detailing product reviews!
Here's my website where I sell all my detailing soaps and accessories, even full wash bay systems! 👉👉👉

Bel Lavoro Auto Spa
Bel Lavoro Auto Spa 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the feature again Bob! That hood isnt coated, I just did a half-assed prep so the polishing oils caused the initial water behavior. The soap washed all the residue away and then really showed the performance of the soap. I should have specified. I did a better job prepping when I featured snake oil, so hope you enjoy that as well!
piknictable 2 aylar önce
When he kept foaming had me laughing 😂 I love your products by the way. I recently got into washing trucks and fleets. I ordered your products right away and referenced a lot of your videos to see how you wash. Again, I had no experience cleaning these vehicles before but watching your videos along with your products and equipment helped a ton! The snake oil works wonders and makes it waaayy easier to dry. Stars and Stripes along with the el Torro attachment is awesome as well! I can’t wait to keep putting your products to use and again thank you. Your products are pretty much the life of my business. I can wash these fleets with confidence knowing they’re only getting the best!
Muchacho Grande
Muchacho Grande 2 aylar önce
I literally spit laughed at "I'm interested in wierd things, I wanna wash some weird stuff." I just had a visual of you pressure washing a shrunken head or like a poodle in a tuxedo or something. Also thanks for the mention! I got a bit long winded there but I dig your stuff and find it simplifies my life and processes A LOT.
TheBostonTrucker 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the shout-out my friend! How did I not know you had a TRpost channel and you have way more subscribers than me, congratulations! This video is awesome, I'm taking notes. I know what I'll be watching every Sunday night while doing my house chores. I want to thank my friend Craig Butterfield in the UK for giving me a heads up about this video. I'm still using Chem-X products every week and mention you in every video. Love you brother and I'm so excited by all your success! Keep on washin'! There ya go, bumper sticker idea. 😁
Brett Z
Brett Z 2 aylar önce
I love your products, honestly dont find a company that all their products are a home run and all of yours have hit it out of the park!!! Thank you for the great work and amazing products.
Reggae prince
Reggae prince 2 aylar önce
Can we dilute chem x interior cleaner??
Sabrina 2 aylar önce
Making me uncomfortable 🤣🤣 I felt that 🤣
Andy Pressley
Andy Pressley 2 aylar önce
What would be some good stuff to wash our fire truck with
Frank Quintanilla
Frank Quintanilla 2 aylar önce
Do you ship to Guam?
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