Checking up on my foam sio2 sealant "Snake Oil!" Did it survive a winter in the northeast??

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2 aylar önce

Here's the full video!:
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Levi Weaver-Johnson
Levi Weaver-Johnson 2 aylar önce
I’m conflicted, as somebody who has applied many ceramic coatings and sio2 based products… You say it’s made it through 20+ washes, through the salt of winter, yet it still holds up. Then a moment later, your high pH degreaser cuts through it. The wash systems, almost all of them that I’ve studied, use high pH presoaks and higher acid rinse solutions. If that’s the case, the sio2 should have been removed. I also find it hard to believe that the truck had 25 washes and the sealant had any sort of durability left. I’m not sure how they wash semis, but they’re either touchless(see above comment), or they’re using brushes of some sort. A brush based wash would not allow an sio2 coating to hold up to 20+ washes, especially not with mag chloride covering every inch of the surface(additional abrasion).
Green Goat
Green Goat Aylar önce
More than likely he's just been pressure washing it. Once you have sealant like this on there that's all you really ever need to do, if not something incredibly mild. Dawn dish soap actually is perfect
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham Aylar önce
@Mike Emery Best is wd40, i use an entire can after i wash my car then polish it in with a yellow duster
ProCal Aylar önce
If you notice he does this test on a completely vertical surface, which would greatly aid or even exaggerate the amount the coating is still beading. That being said we don’t know what chemicals the car washes were using or even if the ones he put his truck through were touch-less quick washes. We also don’t know if the coating has been reapplied in between to “replenish” it’s beading ability. All that makes me come to the conclusion that this product did last through all 4 months of this kind of use seeing as it’s not out of the ordinary for an SiO2 sealant and even some lower tier waxes.
Luis Aylar önce
Thank you sir for explaining the fuckery around here 🧐
Alex Rojas
Alex Rojas 2 aylar önce
I love this product, really boosted the hydrophobic properties on my vehicle
narwhal Aylar önce
Same my engine can now run on water
Bmo Aylar önce
Matt Gregory
Matt Gregory 2 aylar önce
I love the stuff!! I actually call it Gorilla Snot. Only thing is it works so well I cannot get any soap to stay on the trucks to wash it off. It's so slick it slides right off no matter how much I adjust the foam. Awesome product!!
Ken James
Ken James Aylar önce
Where can you purchase these chemicals
Martin Oldham
Martin Oldham Aylar önce
That means dirt that the soap is trapping is also falling right off. If you have a coating and the foam it’s self is not falling right off means it isn’t working. A coating should be repelling everything.
bernhard85 Aylar önce
Some of the best cleaners and detailers I've ever used and still use came from working in the oilfield and helping the truck drivers work on their rigs on our down time and ill tell you what the truckers know the good chemicals for cleaning and shining hands down. I've used the many chemicals I've gotten from my trucker friends and other friends are amazed by them and ask me what they are hahaha ❤️
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 2 aylar önce
Painted my entire car with it. Now it's a boat.
Jackitup Garage
Jackitup Garage 2 aylar önce
That stuff looks like it works good what would you recommend for cleaning aluminum?
Traeshaun harris
Traeshaun harris Aylar önce
I love it how he cleaned from the bottom and went up.
Ying N Yang
Ying N Yang Aylar önce
It prevents streaking. Used on airplanes.
Aaron Leon
Aaron Leon Aylar önce
The million dollar question is, what would a panel off this truck look like, rinsed, and never had any snake oil. ANYTHING is possible when your chrome is in great shape still, and your clear coat is fully intact 🙂.
Andrea H
Andrea H 2 aylar önce
Nice clean up, guys!
Kold trigger
Kold trigger Aylar önce
Night and day difference after the wash, nice truck 👊
Nick Allen
Nick Allen 2 aylar önce
Can you ship this product internationally? Im in New Zealand and would love to use it on the classic cars i own
Nick Allen
Nick Allen Aylar önce
@James Olelo haven't seen this brand over here
James Olelo
James Olelo Aylar önce
Pretty sure NZ sells ceramic coating
Anthony Aylar önce
It's interesting hearing the intermittent white noise now instead of the beeping sound when backing up
jan laird
jan laird 2 aylar önce
I use the ceramic it works really good
thomas anderson
thomas anderson Aylar önce
How does it hold up to concrete though? I drive a cement truck for a living
Charles Pyatt
Charles Pyatt Aylar önce
Adams Ceramic leaves a crazy thick sio2 layer .. this looks pretty simple though
Jerry Gala
Jerry Gala 2 aylar önce
Drying agent works miracles
Michael Ric
Michael Ric Aylar önce
Honestly the best name for a product that works well.
WL R Aylar önce
Can the engine be done with this?
Mak 6
Mak 6 2 aylar önce
That’s a very pretty truck 😋
Philly 2 aylar önce
Wow amazing. That’s what you call a good investment
Peter Fehr
Peter Fehr 2 aylar önce
We can I find the stuff for cleaning?
Yann St-Pierre
Yann St-Pierre 2 aylar önce
I need that stuff in Canada
Wayne Cribb
Wayne Cribb 2 aylar önce
Where do you purchase these ChemX products??
Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes Aylar önce
God, I could have used that this past winter.
Ken James
Ken James Aylar önce
Do you sell your products?
Osuna Transport
Osuna Transport 2 aylar önce
I 100% need some of this Snake Oil
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera Aylar önce
I used to work at blue beacon ( Charlie’s old fashioned truck wash ) in San Antonio. I miss washing them 18 wheelers
dee gee
dee gee 2 aylar önce
Strange that the 'Pharmaceutical Industry' has not blocked the use of their nickname.
Truck 11
Truck 11 2 aylar önce
Where can we buy this
Robert Borchert
Robert Borchert Aylar önce
Man! That's one nice looking Pete!
itsWesley the EYE 70 MADHATTER
itsWesley the EYE 70 MADHATTER Aylar önce
Where do you get this
Barf Wogendar
Barf Wogendar Aylar önce
Where can I get snake oil?
Steven Gale
Steven Gale 2 aylar önce
Jeffrey Coulter
Jeffrey Coulter Aylar önce
Yann St-Pierre
Yann St-Pierre 2 aylar önce
I need that stuff in Canada, i’m so close to the border , i can smell the stuff ,, but i can’t cross
Dan _
Dan _ Aylar önce
This product does have a no ship policy or something?
Yann St-Pierre
Yann St-Pierre 2 aylar önce
@Rawad El-Debs can’t wait. Hooo. I can’t wait. Lol
Rawad El-Debs
Rawad El-Debs 2 aylar önce
Soon, brother!
manu Honkanen
manu Honkanen 2 aylar önce
The radiator is clean?
Duncan Otema
Duncan Otema Aylar önce
How many PSI?
Jimmy Duncan
Jimmy Duncan Aylar önce
danyel9256 Aylar önce
Any sellers in Europe ??
Harry Hov
Harry Hov 2 aylar önce
I like that reverse alarm
Harper my girl
Harper my girl Aylar önce
😲 WOW!!
AmyBethB Aylar önce
Obviously not a streaking actually looks clean.
Eric Hill
Eric Hill Aylar önce
Nothing like a squeaky clean big truck
Osuna Transport
Osuna Transport 2 aylar önce
How to order?
Stars and Stripes 406 Painting, LLC
Stars and Stripes 406 Painting, LLC Aylar önce
So you hit it with Stars and Stripes foam bath. Hmmmmm nice
dozer dave 1987
dozer dave 1987 2 aylar önce
That looks like an srs truck from ct
Ginger_is_matt Aylar önce
It is
Michael F.
Michael F. Aylar önce
Can you do RV with this
Nick Aylar önce
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi Aylar önce
30 washes he loves his baby
Billy Santee
Billy Santee Aylar önce
Is that the same truck from the movie OVER THE TOP?
_HOTROD_ Aylar önce
SRS NATIONAL BABY!!!! I know those guys, just saying! They got some sick sss trucks and they work them everyday!!
vernon gowsell
vernon gowsell 2 aylar önce
Hey lets talk franchize in canada. We need that stuff for northern winters plus
Chris Winter
Chris Winter 2 aylar önce
I'll take some snake oil if it does that
Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez 2 aylar önce
👍👍👍look's beatiful👌
Jeff Procaccini
Jeff Procaccini Aylar önce
Is that an SRS rig at a Connecticut
Alfredo Santiago
Alfredo Santiago 2 aylar önce
So cool
Steve Aylar önce
Costs way to much. WAY TO MUCH!
Angie B. Baby
Angie B. Baby Aylar önce
I like your Rig😌
Jolly Goodbeard
Jolly Goodbeard Aylar önce
Is it real snake oil or just a name or something
Project B
Project B Aylar önce
SRS National. Gorgeous trucks
Cabbage head
Cabbage head Aylar önce
25 -30 washes?? This guy is talking through his hoop. This is an advertisement for those of you are wondering. Shower of ding dongs lol
Saverio Pulsinelli
Saverio Pulsinelli Aylar önce
Who’s the salesman?
Matthew Hewston
Matthew Hewston 2 aylar önce
I know that truck!!!
Crazy Ghost Beast
Crazy Ghost Beast Aylar önce
Antonio Caballero
Antonio Caballero Aylar önce
Hagan un poco mas de ejercicio y dejen de tirar el agua a lo estupido Ojala nos toque de acuerdo a como desperdiciamos
Jophat B
Jophat B Aylar önce
Would it work for a concrete mixer
Ryan G
Ryan G Aylar önce
Bullshit he drove around the parking lot and backed it back in
Odiljon Makhkamov
Odiljon Makhkamov Aylar önce
Bro adress this is truck wash plz
That V8 Life
That V8 Life Aylar önce
Scotty Kilmer would have a heart attack watching this! He’s made 74,000 videos saying this stuff is snake oil LOL dudes a old boomer that needs to go away! Great job
Spot ONN DIY vids
Spot ONN DIY vids 2 aylar önce
Of course 5,000psi removes anything lol 😂
Pj 2 aylar önce
You just dense on purpose? He’s only talking about the hydrophobic properties
Edward Baker
Edward Baker Aylar önce
ToTheLimit 999
ToTheLimit 999 Aylar önce
Bruh please start from the top
Michael Marciniak
Michael Marciniak 29 gün önce
You wash your truck every four to five days in that 100 day period? Over $2000 and all that wasted time! You make too much money!
willmann30 Aylar önce
Ohhhhh my birthday 🦂🦂
Sam Estes
Sam Estes 2 aylar önce
If it's been 30 washes why did that one wash..on the right side show a diference
Redmesa29 2 aylar önce
He sprayed a degreaser on it, so it removed the coating.
My Trucking 2 Cents
My Trucking 2 Cents Aylar önce
One of the dumbest things to do to a truck is extend the wheel base for vanity . For starters when you park at truck stops your too long and can block other from leaving… 2 you are too long for a lot of doors especially in NE and Westcoast … 3 it just looks idiotic and holds very little if any purpose now weight distribution like it was used for back in the day
Christian Metsch
Christian Metsch Aylar önce
@P LaP I was replying to the op
P LaP Aylar önce
@Christian Metsch don't know why you think I'm disagreeing with you, all my points are on your side of the argument. Only point I had, not for or against is something changed with overall length to run these tractors with no reduced trailer length and gave c/o the death nail. It's funny too twenty years ago you couldn't give a c/o away, now people are hunting them down and decking them out
Christian Metsch
Christian Metsch Aylar önce
Like I said we'd have to agree to disagree. I'm speaking specifically about these trucks in the video. They don't bump docks they haul dump boxes and walking floors and tankers. It works for their application, you'll never see those trucks at a warehouse blocking the lot trying to back in. No it's not a fallacy that longer trucks ride better, they absolutely do. Has nothing to do with newer trucks, freightliner, paccar, Volvo, mack have put the same suspensions they offer under their trucks for decades, nothings changed. The farther you put the wheels away from the driver the better your ride. A set forward steer axel will always ride better than a set back or cab over axel. Same applies for your drive axels. I own a set back 180 inch wheel base day cab and I can tell you it's like riding a bull over bumps. A necessary evil because I run nyc daily but it's punishing. You spec your truck to what you do and what the law allows. These guys spec their trucks perfectly and their reputation speaks for itself.
P LaP Aylar önce
Dot I'm guessing has altered laws. Back in the day there was an overall length limit. That was the whole reason cab overs came in to existence, shortening the tractor would allow you to have a longer trailer and haul more shit in one trip and make more money. Other benefits is tighter turning than a conventional. Ride definitely suffered with shorter wheel base, especially without bags. Leaf springs were kidney destroyers. Now cab overs are gone and no one seems to care about length
Johnson Rocson
Johnson Rocson Aylar önce
Eric Atkins
Eric Atkins Aylar önce
Slick Pete
Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin 2 aylar önce
SRS 999
Camilo Santisteban
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