My Stars+Stripes Touchless Soaps for the FASTEST WASH on a Filthy John Deere Tractor!😁💯❌

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4 aylar önce

These are the soaps right here!:
Here's the full kit we make to streamline the process further!:

MikeThatGuy 3 aylar önce
Love seeing industrial equipment cleaned like this rather than the typical exotic/super car that I'll never get to sit in let alone own one day. 💯🙌✌ Amazing content💪
casemods Aylar önce
These are worth more than most exotic supercars.....
_ Chrispy _
_ Chrispy _ 2 aylar önce
I mean you probably won't ever get to sit in or own one of these tractors either... they're the same price, if not more than a lot of exotic/super cars
Jimmy D Cricket
Jimmy D Cricket 3 aylar önce
New and shiny, like to see how you go with 20yr old super spreader covered in super, mud and cow manure.
JAVA JANSEN 2 aylar önce
Olá. Sou do Brasil. Aprecio muito seus vídeos limpesa de veículos grandes. Preciso de sua ajuda pra montar um sistema igual pra meu sustento. Equipamentos...produtos líquidos...galpão... Tem como me dar uma base? Grato
Chris Racer
Chris Racer 2 aylar önce
Get a smaller orifice, trust me on this one! The rule of thumb is too use the same size orifice - nozzle, but this is only for the ones who use a lot of pressure and not much flow. Therefore in order to achieve the high pressure inside the foam head you need a smaller orifice compared to the nozzle size. I suggest scaling 2 steps down from your current size. For instance 7->5
mikeal 3 aylar önce
That was so satisfying to watch 😍
BMAK79 Aylar önce
Imagine what it does to the water supply?
James Kane
James Kane 4 aylar önce
This is so satisfying
Terry J
Terry J Aylar önce
Gotta love a clean machine.
A HILL Aylar önce
I use my leaf blower to dry my harley great tip
David V Knous
David V Knous 3 aylar önce
That is amazing.
Steven Roth
Steven Roth 2 aylar önce
$1800. For that much it should clean the ash trays too.
Cullen podolan
Cullen podolan 3 aylar önce
That’s so cool looks brand new
Wayne Cribb
Wayne Cribb 3 aylar önce
Where can these products be purchased?
brt 123
brt 123 3 aylar önce
Been around Farmers my entire life never seen one wash a tractor
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer 3 aylar önce
Keep doing the video,i like it
Denis Nemec
Denis Nemec 16 gün önce
Nice job
Fate Breaker
Fate Breaker 2 aylar önce
Do you sell your own products?
Eagle 88 /. Miles
Eagle 88 /. Miles 3 aylar önce
Quite impressive
かっちbot 26 gün önce
thefrijole15 3 aylar önce
I mean, you shoulda tried it with all the dirt still on there
michael bartow
michael bartow 2 aylar önce
And a couple days later it’s back to being a farm piece of equipment. Covered in mud and such.
Nuruel Munuo
Nuruel Munuo 2 aylar önce
I like that machine you r used for washing
Harry Holland Rome
Harry Holland Rome 7 gün önce
Sir the reason for your engine not starting is unknown
Аълохон Саидкаримов
Аълохон Саидкаримов Aylar önce
Maik Heinrich
Maik Heinrich 3 aylar önce
Klasse 💪
tylor shaffer
tylor shaffer 4 aylar önce
What touchless wash soap are you using
Noah Mccarley
Noah Mccarley 3 aylar önce
its chem ex
ogon bio
ogon bio 3 aylar önce
Don’t spray any electronics you will create an issue only the dealer can fix 😂
Ana Thais Alves pereira
Ana Thais Alves pereira 2 aylar önce
Mano ande posso compra esse bico do jato
Niclas 3 aylar önce
Wagner fortunato
Wagner fortunato 2 aylar önce
Também com a edição fica fácil
Edward Halpin
Edward Halpin 3 aylar önce
Big ol' (enclosed cabin) and pressure washing "I'm in Heaven",,,🎶
Joe Oliver
Joe Oliver 3 aylar önce
Charlie Brown theme whistled at the end. Nice touch!!!
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore 2 aylar önce
After pulling in them Tanks, yeah it does.
Dylan Breidenbach
Dylan Breidenbach 2 aylar önce
I got a question why start from the bottom and not the top down then you got to keep going over it again and again
Homestead Haven
Homestead Haven Aylar önce
Paid by the hour. Not the job... lol.
Firmino Jose
Firmino Jose Aylar önce
Trator novo, não trabalhou no pesado.
Dominik Sušeň
Dominik Sušeň 16 gün önce
Active foam isnt foamy... very Quick is down...
Adam Hoskins
Adam Hoskins 3 aylar önce
Where are you located and how much to do a semi tractor W900L
Nick H.
Nick H. 3 aylar önce
I'm trying to sell this idea of purchasing one your pressure washers and products to my local fire department I serve on. Thoughts on washing a fire apparatus?
Homestead Haven
Homestead Haven Aylar önce
Don't fire trucks have water hose on them? Can't you just hook up to a hydrant and wash your trucks, I know Many fire stations that do this.. don't be lazy and waste tax money for something you already have.... lmao.
Nick H.
Nick H. 3 aylar önce
No joke. Seems like everytime we get our trucks cleaned there is always a page out.
Hunter Fowler
Hunter Fowler 3 aylar önce
Hope they agree with you! My grandfather worked for 7 years or so for Surfside beach fire department in Surfside, SC. Those trucks were always pretty dirty lol
Homestead Haven
Homestead Haven Aylar önce
All the farmers I know, own everything he is using. But they wash there own equipment. You know why. Because they can..
Green Goat
Green Goat 3 aylar önce
People forget that a tractor like this makes you a lot more money than a lamborghini, and it's just as worth cleaning like one
Homestead Haven
Homestead Haven Aylar önce
People forget. The people that buy this tractors have the equipment to clean them.. I know many farmers that clean their own equipment..
Steve Jolly
Steve Jolly Aylar önce
Now moving on out and clean the floor
jona ochoa
jona ochoa 3 aylar önce
Me pone la llave este gringo con esos detergentes
Allen Hampshire
Allen Hampshire Aylar önce
Caterpillarslim 2 aylar önce
They must not scoop any aggregate with that bucket because it has almost all the paint on it
Brandon Dockendorf
Brandon Dockendorf 3 aylar önce
Do you sell your cleaning products
Andreas Pichler
Andreas Pichler 3 aylar önce
@Monica Hoke so a glumpad
Monica Hoke
Monica Hoke 3 aylar önce
I've been watching his videos and I'm pretty sure it's his stuff cuz he names it like snake oil and stuff like that and that stuff works great. My husband drives a truck/ tractor and trailer and I would love to buy him some of this. It would make his life so much easier.
Alanis Trucking
Alanis Trucking 3 aylar önce
U should open a business here in Dallas Tx 😢😢
Markus Kistler
Markus Kistler 3 aylar önce
What have you for a cleaner
tag g
tag g 3 aylar önce
Witch craft! Nice.
Gregg Davenport
Gregg Davenport 3 aylar önce
That's a nice outfit there!!! Peace ✌
lil Icy
lil Icy 2 aylar önce
Is it just me but am thinking of power wash
Black scorpion gaming
Black scorpion gaming 3 aylar önce
Konsa shampoo hi ye
rr3102 3 aylar önce
I'm jealous, ngl.
JaseSparky Aylar önce
I don’t care what anyone says there’s absolutely no way in hell that white paper towels would be 100% clean and free of any dirt film like at the end, impossible without actually scrubbing it while washing it! I’m sure it’s a good product but that wiping with the paper towel at the end is hands down a lie!
Gary Roach
Gary Roach 2 aylar önce
Oh yeppy someone washed a piece of junk John Deere tractor
casemods Aylar önce
Definitely not paid hourly.
Jeremy B
Jeremy B Aylar önce
Solar panel suit case one wheel scooter
Amaro Buechem
Amaro Buechem 3 aylar önce
Uma porcaria de não deu polimento com cera.
Coto Nita
Coto Nita 3 aylar önce
I sended an email for a purchase , 2-3 weeks ago didn’t got an answer..
Melvin The Mechanilator
Melvin The Mechanilator 3 aylar önce
Tractor??? Its a fucking tractor its going to get dirty after no time
Homestead Haven
Homestead Haven Aylar önce
Why wash your hair. It's just going to get dirty again. Or why wash your vehicle. Some tractors cost more then most homes people live in. I know the ones back in Minnesota cost close to a million dollars.. So yes wash that fucking tractor.. lmfao
Deniz Doğan
Deniz Doğan 20 gün önce
Haaayı maşallah
Blessed Ben
Blessed Ben 11 gün önce
Please l like to work with you
Wendel Flores
Wendel Flores 3 aylar önce
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